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Vigorous young soft fruit plants from Switzerland


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  • Fruchtwelt Friedrichshafen from 14.-16. Feb 2020

Promising: SAN RAFAEL (s) summer raspberries

  • early ripening
  • large, attractive berries
  • outstanding taste
  • long shelf life

Successful: ENROSADIRA b(s) autumn raspberries

  • very large, bright red berries
  • outstanding taste
  • long harvest period and shelflife
  • very high picking rate
  • suitable for double harvesting (autumn/spring)

New: PRIMALBA® bp1522 (s) autumn raspberries

  • very early ripening
  • appealing, large berries
  • good taste
  • easy to harvest
  • good shelf life

Our seedlings

Vigorous, high-quality berry seedlings are the basis of successful crop cultivation. In order to guarantee this, we have integrated all possible quality control measures into our daily propagation work and into all production processes.
More information

Advantages of GEPE12/GP12 for raspberries and blackberries:

  • Seedlings from meristem cultures
  • Guaranteed virus-free
  • Very strong adventitious budsmean that plants usually form multiple shoots (not just one as with ‘fresh’
    foliage plants)
  • Very good growth
  • Minimal watering necessary whenplanted early
  • Plants can be delivered fromFebruary
  • More growth time for plantsduring the year of planting
  • Early planting = higher yieldsduring the year of planting for autumn varieties
  • Trouble-free transport even withtransport times of several days, as the plants are completely undisturbed