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Vigorous young soft fruit plants from Switzerland


Visit us at the trade fair in Karlsruhe, Germany, from 20 to 21 November 2019.

HIGHLY TOPICAL: ENROSADIRA (s) the new early autumn raspberry
• 3 years experience of cultivation - best customer feedback
• Early start of ripening
• Suitable for dual harvest (autumn / spring)
• Very large, pale red fruit with wonderful flavour
• Long harvest timeframe
• Very high picking performance
• Very good shelf life


Ripening periods; Product and variety descriptions; Planting advice Ripening chart for raspberries GEPE12 = overwintered green plants GP 21 / 34 = fresh green plants LC = Long Cane Product description for young raspberry plants GEPE 12 Overwintered green plants are the quickest way to produce a full crop. These are micro-propagated, virus-free plants thinned out in the greenhouse, hardened off in the open air and overwintered in the chiller. There are 60 plants in each plant culture tray. The best time to plant is in April. In optimum conditions, the plants can put out several roots,...
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