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Vigorous young soft fruit plants from Switzerland


Our seedlings

Vigorous, high-quality berry seedlings are the basis of successful crop cultivation. In order to guarantee this, we have integrated all possible quality control measures into our daily propagation work and into all production processes.
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Raspberry and blackberry plants 

Advantages of overwintered plants (GEPE12)

  • Available from February
  • Seedlings from meristem cultures
  • Guaranteed virus-free
  • Very good adventitious buds (plants form multiple shoots)
  • Minimal watering necessary when planted early
  • Good growth
  • More growth time during the year of planting
  • Early planting = higher yields during the year of planting for autumn raspberries
  • No damage even during longer transport times

Practical information

Schulstrasse 62 9323 Steinach(SWITZERLAND)

Mon-Fri: 07:30-12:00,13:00-17:00

Please note:

We propagate plants for commercial cultivation. Individual plants to private individuals cannot be offered.