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Ripening periods; Product and variety descriptions; Planting advice

Ripening chart for raspberries

GEPE12 = overwintered green plants   GP 21 / 34 = fresh green plants  LC = Long Cane

Product description for young raspberry plants 


GEPE 12 - Hengartner PflanzenOverwintered green plants are the quickest way to produce a full crop. These are micro-propagated, virus-free plants thinned out in the greenhouse, hardened off in the open air and overwintered in the chiller. There are 60 plants in each plant culture tray. The best time to plant is in April. In optimum conditions, the plants can put out several roots, even in their first year, and can reach a height of up to 2 metres. They achieve their full yield in the year after they are planted. Autumn-fruiting varieties produce a satisfactory yield as early as the year in which they are planted, if they are planted early enough.

GP 21 / GP 34

GP 21 - Hengartner PflanzenVirus-free green plants, produced in their year of planting, which are about 9-12 weeks old when they are delivered. The plants are cultivated in 60-plant culture trays, hardened off before delivery and have a height of about 10-15cm. In contrast to the overwintered green plants, these plants are herbaceous and not yet woody, so ground preparation needs to be carried out with particular care. Planting can be done from the end of May to the beginning of July and from the end of August to the end of September. If they are planted at the beginning of June, the green plants will achieve one or two shoots and a height of 100 to 180cm. In the following year, they will already achieve a yield of  50 to 80% of the full harvest (depending on the                                                                           variety and the distance between the plants).

Long Canes

Long Canes - Hengartner PflanzenIn raspberries, the harvest period can be restricted in a similar way to strawberries by the use of "Long Canes".Long Canes are cultivated in 1.8 - 2.5l pots in the preceding year. Two roots are usually cultivated per pot, at a height of 1.60 to 1.80 m. In winter, these plants are stored and cooled to  -1.5 °C. In the following year, they can be taken out of the cold store at the required time and then planted. Fruit will start to be harvested from 70 to 90 days after planting, depending on the date of planting.Available varieties:
  • GLEN AMPLE (s)

Other varieties can be supplied if they are pre-ordered in good time.

Description of variety

=> Description of varieties of raspberry (PDF).

Planting advice

=> Planting advice for raspberries (PDF).